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Certified Public Accountants

Specializing in Tax Planning, Preparation, and Consulting.


DRP Financial Group is a premier CPA firm dedicated to providing personalized tax and accounting services. Our mission is to advocate for our clients and work collaboratively with them to identify and implement effective tax planning strategies. We are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest tax regulations, and we provide detailed analysis and advice to help guide our clients' financial decisions. Let us help you maximize your tax benefits and achieve your financial goals.

We are currently accepting new clients.  Contact us today to see if our firm is a fit for your accounting needs.

Practice Areas

Tax Planning

We find the best tax savings opportunities for both you and your business.  With all of the recent changes to tax laws and regulations, you can rely on us to stay up-to-date and provide you with any information that may improve your future tax position.

Entity Selection


Whether you are starting a new business or considering changing your structure, we can help you determine the business entity that will be the most advantageous for your company, along with the tax consequences for each type of structure.


We will help with questions, concerns, notice resolution, and any other tax issue that may arise.  Our tax professionals go above and beyond the normal continuing education requirement so that we can maintain our position as industry experts.  

Retirement Planning

We can assist you with evaluating all of your retirement plan options as well as help you determine the ideal amount to invest to help balance your tax liability and your working capital.

Tax Preparation


Our professional staff of Certified Public Accountants has decades of tax preparation experience, so tax preparation is accurate and fast.    We work with individuals, businesses, trusts, estates, and non-profits.


We provide bookkeeping services and guidance for any clients who may require it.  We can also review your books throughout the year and suggest changes or adjustments to insure that your books are ready to use for tax preparation.

11152 Huron Street, Ste 106

Northglenn, CO  80234

Tel:  (720) 746-9134


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